Exhibition Works in 2018

  • If you want to find particular projects in Curtin’s HIVE just download the overall program map from here: [Program V1.0]
  • We will rotate all projects in 30 minutes schedules, starting from 12:00. Thus independently when you are coming, you will be able to see a wide variety of projects
  • The winners of VisMX Awards 2018 are:
    • Best Digital Media Project
      • 1st Place:
        • Tribulation – Bayley Simonds & Callum Walker
      • 2nd Place:
        • Sleep Paralysis Experience – Junn Foon
      • 3rd Place (tie):
        • SPVRE – James van Hinsbergen
        • Cognitive Improvement – Adam Hartmann
    • Best Data Visualisation
      • 1st Place:
        • Car Crash Database – Adam Hartmann & Shreyas Srikanth
      • 2nd Place:
        • Disease Visualisation – John Vianne Murcia
      • 3rd Place (tie):
        • Energy Resources and Emissions – Viviana Paola Cortes Gil & Deepti Anie Mathew
        • Recorded Flu Cases Across Australia – Harsh Gorasia & Puneet Verma
    • Best Special Project Submissions
      • 1st Place
        • Hobbit Room in VR – Rebecca Kerr
      • 2nd Place (tie)
        • Abstract Music Visualisation – Brett Cowan
        • Data Storytelling and Visualisation – Yangjinbo Zhang
      • Special Mention
        • Anxious Minds – Monique & Rebecca Kerr & Jamie Dougall

+++ Postgrad Works and
Special Projects +++

Lachlan Hadwen

The aim of this project is to deliver a more modern replacement for the current Driver learning program in particular the Hazard Perception Test. This replacement comes in the form of the Dare The Drive Computer Virtual Reality project which is built to assist Australians in learning how to appropriately operate an Australian vehicle on Australian roads. Dare The Drive will be enhanced through the usage of an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset Display along with further additional motion controls such as the Logitech Steering Wheel and Foot pedal peripherals or Nintendo Wii remote Controller.

Abstract Music Visualisation
Brett Cowan

The abstract music visualisation is an early exploration into how to create a visualisation from using music as data. This has been a fun and enjoyable project to work on and developing the creation of some thing that relates to the everyday. The project is an exciting mixture of psychedelic experimental video, visual graphics (expanding and contracting spheres of interactivity) and a mash up of dirty drum and bass, with metal fusion for the music.

Hobbit Room in VR
Rebecca Kerr

With inspiration taken from Bilbo Baggins’ study, featured in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit,’ this Hobbit Room was built within Maya over the course of semester 1, 2018. All objects within the room where created by Rebecca, with some images sourced from online. For an extracurricular activity, Rebecca then took this room and turned in into a VR experience using Unity, allowing people to see the room as if they are actually there.

Treasure Hunt
Rebecca Kerr

Treasure Hunt in an interactive experience that was created with a purpose of being used in a public space, such as an expo. The user can follow an easy or difficult mode, and will be presented with clues that will take them around the map in order to find where the treasure is buried. This project uses a Makey Makey, attached to a handmade map, to allow the user to input their decisions, while the application was built within unity.

Yi Juin Lim

This is a visualisation prototype to showcase the possibility of financial market data being presented in an immersive 3D environment to increase user engagement and to help both regulators and end users without the expertise of financial market data, in understanding the data. The Australian electricity market data has been used as an example of financial market data.

Data Storytelling
Yangjinbo Zhang

A review of the theories in the domains of data storytelling, visualisation, narration, aesthetics and media. Making an attempt to converging the theories in various domains to enhance the communication in visual media.

+++ Interactive Media
Projects +++

Cognitive Improvement
Adam Hartmann

VR application designed to improve cognitive function in children and the elderly. This is achieved by completing three different days and doing certain tasks.

Jack Chapman

A short horror- themed virtual reality video game exploring the concept of sleeping disorders in a gloomy and dark setting.

James van Hinsbergen

During the research process for this project, it came to my attention that I have a family member who has instances of sleep paralysis on occasion. What I have attempted to achieve with this project is to provide an experience as to what they experienced during an event. This will be more of a simulation experience than an interactive one, with the world slowly changing around with the introduction of various common symptoms to simulate a sleep paralysis event.

Anxious Minds
Monique Hammond, Rebecca Kerr, Jamie Dougall

Anxious Minds has been developed to assist loved ones and medical professionals in the understanding and treatment of anxiety disorder. This game is designed for those who do not suffer from anxiety and it replicates the symptoms that anxiety sufferers feel in order to evoke empathy from the viewer.

Amelia Mantle

This VR Project showcases both natural and fantasy wonders. It immerses the user in diverse worlds that encapsulates the magic in our imagined and real life environments

Sleep Paralysis Experience
Junn Foon

A Virtual Reality experience aimed at providing the means to understand, experience and cope with sleep paralysis.

Basketball VR Experience
Shreyas Srikanth

VR Basketball experience, experience playing basketball when in a wheelchair.

VR for the Autism Community
Gerry Luwandri

VR for the Autism Community is a virtual reality project for people to experience what it feels like to be autistic in a home environment. Things that you hear or see are different to what autistic people experience. This project aims to raise awareness and empathy for those with autism.

Nina Kumagai

Sleepy Land helps people relax from any stressors of daily life. In particular it aims to help reduce psychological stress/anxiety in order to prevent the risk of sleep paralysis.

Hallucid Dreaming
Alice Phan

A virtual environment designed to help the public understand the experiences of sleep paralysis and the impact of hallucinations.

Bayley Simonds, Callum Walker

This is a short immersive VR experience where the user is placed in a situation where they experience our version of sleep Paralysis.

Caryssa Sharp

Enter a sleep paralysis

Lachlan Goddard

Users will experience the feeling of sleep paralysis.

Jess Brown

An interactive game for kids with disabilities to practice their motor skills and focus. Explore the greenhouse to collect all the pieces to build your flower, then water it wand watch it grow!

Joel Austism Stacking Project
Joel Leong

Concept Unity project about Autism by using

Sleep Paralysis
Cheah Ya Nan

An interactive environment where information about sleep paralysis can be learnt and helps user in relaxation of mind to prevent events of sleep paralysis.

Escape VR
Saolin Naidoo

Escape VR is essentially a game to escape reality, and the boundaries that come with it. Designed for people that struggle with mobility, whether that be anything from an injury to a chronic pain, Escape VR lets you explore a new world in a creative way not possible in reality… flight. So take off, and escape to a new fantasy!

Dyslexic VR
Jack Prumm

Dyslexic Virtual reality putting ordinary people in a dyslexics shoes

Axel Kumlin

Sleep paralysis simulator.


+++ Data Visualisation
Projects +++

RedList – Marino
Briana Marino

A data visualisation of the The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Showing the families and species of mammals that are on the list, sorted by Red List code (i.e. endangered, extinct, extinct in the wild)

Hofai Chu

A Data visualisation project on police deaths through the years and different states of America.

Jayadi Mulyadi

World Oil Consumption

Car Crash Database
Adam Hartmann, Shreyas Srikanth

How can our dashboard communicate to an audience the dangers of driving on Australian roads and the resulting consequences?

Victoria Scanlan

DATA…. the driving force to improving sheep productivity

Tabitha Walker

A resource to allow the easy location of Australian public libraries and library hosted programs in your local government authority

Small Business Dashboard
Marina Murphy

Small business dashboard enables small business owners and operators who are not savvy with financial reports to visualise their data. Displaying financial information visually enhances knowledge acquisition around the presented business data which enables better decision making and can lead to better business performance.

Disease Visualisation Project
John Vianne Murcia

Being a tropical country, the Philippines is a Southeast Asian country that is confronted by unabated health issues among its populace. In fact, diarrhea claims 1 of 9 child deaths globally, or mortality rate of 8%. For one, addressing diarrheal cases in developing countries is one of the scope of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The availability of data, however, is one of the weaknesses of health agencies in the Philippines to create decisions that could be echoed in each of the regions and local governments. In this visualisation project, I attempted to show the geospatial and temporal distribution of diarrheal cases in the Philippines. The use of Tableau interface has provided avenues to create classification of diarrheal cases in the Philippines, the number of cases lodged to and subsidised by PhilHealth, and the costs of coverage of hospitalisation and treatment. The project provides promising inputs towards a much-expanded health coverage program through data visualisation and interpretation.

Junn Foon

A D3 and tableau visualisation of earthquake data gathered by the United States Geological Society.

Recorded Flu Cases Across Australia from 2008-2017
Harsh Gorasia, Puneet Verma

A series of visualisations depicting recorded flu cases across Australia from 2008-2017. Features data sorted by gender, age and flu type to give an outlook for various demographics with corresponding visualisations.